About Ian

Ian somewhere in the South of France.

Ian was born in Gosport and moved to the Bournemouth area in the early 1990s. Since leaving school, (more years ago than he cares to remember), he has been a civil servant, a full time househusband and a teaching assistant. At the end of 2017 he ended a 12 year stint working for Bournemouth Libraries.

In his spare time Ian enjoys reading, wargaming and writing – mainly short stories at the moment, although he has finished his first novel and is working on a second. As his alter ego, Bartholomew Weever, he tells the story of the Great Fire of London in costume and character. He has also started telling stories at the Heads & Tales café.

Ian, a new recruit, told us Tam Lin, the way he tells it, which was certainly a tale for Valentine’s, full of passion and suffering and loyalty.

Heads & Tales, February 2018