Ian’s scribblings

After a false start 30 odd years ago, I started writing seriously a couple of years back. In that time I’ve managed to finish Long Barrow Ridge, the novel that I started all that time ago – to read a couple of sample chapters click here.

I also wrote a handful of supernatural short stories. Two of these were published in 2015 by Diodati magazine, ‘At the Third Attempt’ appearing in edition 1 and ‘A Bird in the Hand’ in edition 2.  A third story, ‘The Sermon of the Dead’, was the runner up in their Christmas ghost story competition and appeared on their website at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Another of my short stories, ‘The Visitor’, a slightly tongue in cheek sequel to an M R James ghost story and the first 500 words of my novel, ‘Long Barrow Ridge’, were shortlisted for Bournemouth University’s 2016 Fresher’s writing prize.

I’m currently working on two projects,  ‘Scene in a Mirror,’ my second novel,

‘Jennet is a teenager coping with life on a farm, a crush on the King’s nephew and the upheavals of the English Civil War. Jenna is living with her aunt while her mother reports on a foreign war. She’s coping with no friends, no WiFi and now no aunt after an accident. Although separated by 360 years the girls keep catching glimpses of each other’s lives. Can Jenna solve the mystery of Jennet’s disappearance and work out how she became the ‘grey lady’ reputed to haunt her aunts house?’ To read a couple of sample chapters click here.

I’m also editing a collection of a dozen supernatural stories which will, hopefully, get put out as a Kindle download, Perchance to Dream was read as part of a Halloween fright fest.

If you want to know my thoughts on writing read  Notes from a Lazy Writer which appeared in the April edition of Bournemouth Library’s writer’s newsletter.

This piece of flash fiction is based on an old English folk story and was written for a competition on the theme of gifts and dreams but for one reason and another it never got entered, so I thought rather than waste it I’d put it here. I have also produced an extended version which I’ve added to my storytelling repertoire and told at Heads & Tails. And here is a Christmas story with a difference.

I’ve also written poetry (although not for a very long time now). These have all appeared on Bournemouth Library’s poetry wall.