For the last couple of years I have been trawling the web looking for good quality reproductions to use as props to illustrate Bartholomew’s story. I now have a couple of large boxes full of them and am rapidly running out of storage space. So where have they come from?


Ceramic cookware and household pottery
Post medieval wares

Abigail’s ceramic cookware and most of the everyday cups, jugs, plates and a wonderful puzzle jug came from Trinity Court Potteries, mainly from their post medieval range although I also have a couple of nice pieces from their English Delft ware range.


Blue and white 17th century pottery
English Delft ware







The small salt glazed Bellarmine jug and a copy of an early 17th century Dutch bowl were bought from the Hudson Clay Potter website.

Bellarmine bottle & bowl
Bellarmine bottle & bowl






Leather Goods

Leather stuff
Tankard, pouch, purse and sheath

My leather items have come from three different suppliers. The leather tankard is from Hide bound. My pouch, purse and belt are from Karl Robinson, while the combined knife/spoon sheath is from Foxblade trading. This fits the knife perfectly and was produced only from a drawing, made by placing the knife on a sheet of paper and going round the outside with a pencil, combined with the thickness of the handle & blade.


Miscellaneous Items

Most of these such as the pewter dish, bone dice, onion bottle & glass and pipe came from The Merchant Venturers.

Onion bottle, glass, pewter dish, horn spoon & comb, bone dice and pipe
Onion bottle, glass, pewter dish, horn spoon & comb, bone dice and pipe